About Us

Welcome to the family farm owned and operated by The Girls!

We are a third and fourth generation fruit farm located on the northwest side of Grand Rapids, Michigan, just 10 minutes from downtown. We pride ourselves on growing great fruit and veggies, specializing in apples, sweet cherries and strawberries.

Edwin Dunneback started Ed Dunneback & Sons in 1922.  The original farm was 160 acres, with strawberries, corn, straw, hay, apples, peaches, pears, milk cows and horses.  Edward and his brother Joseph continued in the family business together until the mid 80s when they decided to stop milking cows.

Ed & Helen had a family of three, Pam, Mike & Suanne.  Mike, the only son, was drafted in the Vietnam war and was devastatingly killed in action just before his 21st birthday  in 1969.  He received several medals for his valiant service including a Purple Heart.  It was at this time, the farm had to change for it was no longer Ed Dunneback & Sons.  Suanne then returned to the family farm and started to work with her father, and has since been joined by her daughters, Stephanie and Sarah. We have always had the market in our beautiful, nearly 100-year-old barn, well known for many memories made over the years!

We have since decided to focus on mostly fruit; we are farm lovin’ females, where fruit is our specialty!

Few things have changed on the farm other than we have expanded the market a little bit, adding a kitchen, gift shoppe and painted a few things pink. We are open from May through October depending on the picking seasons. We have fruits and vegetables available in season, both already-picked or u-pick.

Meet the Dunnebacks