Corn Maze

This is our 8th year for a corn maze and we are excited to share the fun part of farming!  Bring your family, friends, co-workers, church youth groups, school groups, and clubs out to the farm and test your navigational skills in our 8 acre corn maze!  Nervous about making it out?  Don’t be! We’ll test your knowledge of pop culture, agriculture, sports, and history in the maze and if you know your stuff you are sure to make it out!  There are checkpoints throughout the maze: answer the questions correctly and you will be headed in the right direction, answer incorrectly and you will be a little lost!

For special outings, school groups, youth groups, you can customize your maze experience.  Click the link below and you can set up your own trivia to help navigate through the maze.  There is a tutorial that will direct you throughout the process.  Please feel free to call or email with any further questions.  Please click here to visit our Maze Trivia page.

The maze will be opening AFTER Labor Day… Please stay tuned for further details, hours, and pricing.

Prices:  $6.00 per person (2 & under are FREE)

How it Works for the Leader (You)


  1. Creating your question sheet is easy. First, it is probably best to create your questions in a separate document as a backup. Each question will need the question, the correct answer, and up to two incorrect answers.
  2. Once you have your questions, you need to get them to match up with the right way to go in the maze. Luckily, the Maze Master takes care of all the hard work for you. Since he knows the maze by heart, just tell him the questions, right answers, and wrong answers, and he will generate your question card for you. To enter your questions, visit the maze master. Select Rosie the Riveter Maze.  Just enter your questions in the form and click “View Printable Sheet” at the bottom when finished.
  3. If you will be using a pre-made set of questions from our site, just select from one of these sets of questions instead of entering your own.
  1. Once you have finished entering questions, be sure to to click “View Printable Sheet”. Your question card will automatically generate. Make sure you print your card. Your card does not get sent to us, and we have no way of printing it. You must print or make copies of your card for each group member and bring them with you on your trip.

How it Works for Group Members


  1. As your group members enter the maze, you will pass out their question card complete with eight questions and answers.
  2. When group members come to each of the numbered checkpoints in the corn maze, they will read the corresponding question on their card. For example, the group members come to checkpoint #1. They will then look at their card and read that question #1 is, “Who was the first president of the United States?” Then, they will look at their answers. “Left: George Washington,  Right: Abraham Lincoln.” If they think it is Abe, they will head to the right and end up in a dead end because their answer was wrong. But if they answer George Washington, they will head to the left and be headed towards checkpoint #2.
  3.  So, correct answers help them navigate the maze, and it can also be a fun way to learn or review.

Trivia FAQs

Do we have to use trivia with the maze?
No, but it makes your adventure more fun for your group, and it can be relevant to things about your group.

What if I am bringing my family? Do I really have to create my own trivia?
We do have a few sets of fun trivia for the general public to use in the Maze.  If you are bringing a group, we encourage you to create your own questions or print a card from our pre-made questions for your group members because otherwise groups quickly deplete our supply of trivia cards.

Where do we get our printed cards?
You must create and print your own question cards before arriving at our farm. We do not have access to cards you create.

If we get every answer right, does that mean we will never get lost?
No, there are about 40-50 decision points (intersections) in the maze where you could go the wrong way. However, there are only 8 questions in the maze. These are located at the most major intersections.  However, each trivia will help lead you to the next checkpoint so you can find them all.

What is the cost?
Maze Master Trivia is free for any visitor to Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm Market!

What is the recommended age?
The concept of asking someone a question could apply to any age, but children in kindergarten on up to adults can all have fun with trivia. For young children, it may be best to just give the card to leaders and they can verbally ask the students the questions.

If you need additional help with how to use trivia for your group, please call the Barn at (616) 784-0058.